If You Do It Correctly is a 1996 talk/game show hybridproduced by Star TV and aired from March 11, 1996 to 1997 on Star TV in El Kadsre. It was belated considered one of the worst El Kadsreian TV shows of all time. Each segment lasted 15 minutes. It replaced the talk show We Suggested, and being replaced by Chat It to Others.



The game portion involves 52 contestnats who challenge the world to play similar to Data-Byters. It finishes with a showdown where the robots are faced by the contestants. The player who stopped with the robots won $500,000.


The talk portion is similar to Banushen's Right to Reply. It discussed Star TV's programmes including foreign ones. In its first episode, the hosts discussed two foreign shows Caroline in the City and Dave's World.


The show received negative reviews from critics, stating that there are two show formats squeezed onto a half-hour series.

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