Inner Personality is a Jetanie traditionally animated comedy-drama television series created by Amrit Freeland that aired on Nickelodeon around the world during the 2000s. A total of 66 episodes and four series were produced and premiered from 2002 to 2005. Although early episodes are more humour-based, as the series progresses, the show begins to become more emotional.


The main protagonist of Inner Personality is Rosaline Hersham, and the series mostly takes place at her school, though Rosaline's home life is shown too. Throughout the show's run, Rosaline was shown to be rude, cocky, manipulative and selfish, but also very insecure on the inside and also had paths she would not cross.

Cast and characters

  • TBA as Rosaline Hersham.
  • TBA as Henry Hersham, Rosaline's overweight and greedy single father, who owns a selection of businesses, including a loan providing company and a car selling business. Although he is polite and friendly, he enjoys ripping people off and making lots of money.
  • TBA as London, Rosaline's maternal auntie, who lives with Rosaline and Henry due to frequently getting emotionally abused and manipulated by her biological family. She is unemployed, and suffers from loneliness and hoplessness.
  • TBA as Mr. Fragile, Rosaline's dimwitted and incompetent teacher, who she frequently takes advantage of. However, in later episodes, she develops some respect and admiration for him.
  • TBA as Fly, Rosaline's boyfriend, who appears to be unaware of her behaviour.
  • TBA as Catherine, a classmate of Rosaline, who she has a rivalry with. She usually gets jealous of Rosaline's achievments, not knowing about her insecurity.
  • TBA as Assa, Rosaline's best friend and classmate. He often acts as a voice of reason, and troes to encourage Rosaline to change her ways.
  • TBA as Juliet, a classmate and friend of Rosaline who is extremely extroverted and girly, and has a crush on Assa. Although she considers Juliet a friend, Rosaline often finds her to be very annoying.


Rosaline, as well as some other characters prominent on the show, are based off minor characters in another show produced by Youngvision, Sketchalot. Amrit Freeland thought that the red-haired character, who Rosaline was based off, was amusing, and thought she would be a good character to have as the main protagonist of a show.

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