InteliBrowse is a freeware web browser developed by Sycotech. It was first released in 1988, for Syco PowerSystem 2.0, and was later ported to SmartOS (1990), Windows (1994), Mac OS (1993), TS-UGOS (1991), iOS (2009), Android (2010), and Linux (1999). It was second-most popular web browser since 2011, losing only to Google Chrome.


The Charlesland Republic having a first Internet access since September 1985 with using LenseNet/TheoryNet via CHARTEL Network On-Line, connecting Charleslanders to El Kadsreians. The first website being www.adamstun.ce.

IntelliBrowse was created in 1988 to compete the rival browser, TheoryNet for Syco PowerSystem 2.0 and TSOS. IntelliBrowse is very successful in Petallansia, El Kadsre, and some European and Asian countries, but not in most Americans because of people using Internet Explorer.


  • Tabbed browsing (since Intellibrowse '04)
  • RSS feed
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