International Television (also known as ITV) is an El Kadsreian free-to-air television channel that broadcasts television programs from various countries. It is the fourth channel launched in El Kadsre in 1952 after El Kadsreian Television (now El TV Kadsre 1), NTV (now defunct), and TTV.


After the formation of El Kadsre, there was a massive immigration boom in the country. As the result, the El Kadsreian government considered the need of the "ethnic television network" so it could broadcast foreign programming while EKTV, NTV and TTV only broadcast local programming.

The channel was launched on September 6, 1952 by then-El Kadsreian vice president Kato Ito and then-UN Secretary General Trygve Lie.


International Television airs international news from 6am to 3pm.


News and current affairs

  • ITV World News (1952-present)
  • El Kadsreian Islands Insight (1977-present)


  • Are We There Yet? (1989-present)
  • Wats Fishing (1994-present)
  • Cook with James Kirin (2003-present)


  • Cycling: Tour de France (1955-present)
  • Football: National Football League (1955-present)
  • Racing: NASCAR (1963-present)
  • Soccer: FIFA World Cup (1970-present)
  • Aussie Rules Football: Australian Football League (1990-present)
  • Racing: V8 Supercars (2001-present)



International news is broadcast on ITV from 6:00am to 3:00pm.

Language Original network/channel ITV channel
Flag of the United States.svg English PBS ITV
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg English BBC ITV+
Flag of Australia.svg English ABC ITV+
Flag of Vicnora.svg Vicnoran VBC ITV
Flag of Narthernee.svg Kapuran KBC ITV
Flag of Trayu.svg Trali TCN ITV
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean KBS ITV
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese NHK ITV
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Chinese CCTV ITV
Flag of India.svg Hindi NDTV ITV
Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bengali Channel i ITV
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish La 1 ITV+
Flag of France.svg French France 2 ITV+
Flag of Italy.svg Italian RAI ITV+
boder German ZDF ITV+
Flag of Greece.svg Greek ERT ITV+
Flag of Finland.svg Finnish YLE ITV+
boder Swedish SVT ITV+
Flag of Norway.svg Norwegian NRK ITV+
1000px-Flag of the Arab League.svg.png Arabic DRTV Dubai ITV
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkish TRT ITV
Flag of Thailand.svg Thai Thai PBS ITV
Flag of the Philippines.svg Filipino ABS-CBN/PTV ITV
Flag of Russia.svg Russian NTV ITV+
Flag of Pakistan.svg Urdu PTV ITV
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malay TV1 ITV
Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnamese VTV1 ITV
Flag of Indonesia.svg Indoneisian TVRI ITV
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese RTP ITV+
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbian Radio Television of Serbia ITV+
Flag of South Africa.svg Afrikaans SABC ITV+
Flag of Denmark.svg Danish DR1 ITV+
Flag of Israel.svg Hebrew Channel 2 ITV+
Flag of Poland.svg Polish TVP1 ITV+
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch NOS ITV+
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatian HRT ITV+
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukranian UA:First ITV+
Flag of Citoyens Republic.png Citoyenese CNTV ITV+
Flag of Qualicia.png Qualician RTQ 1 ITV
Flag of Sakaria.svg Sakarian TSN Two ITV
Flag of Azara.png Azaran ATN ITV+
Flag of Tasanala.svg Tasanalan TRT ITV
Flag of Scratchia.png Meowish Meowish Network ITV+
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