Internet (Internetish: ⵉⵏⵜⵇⵔⵏⵇⵜ) is a country in Europe, located northwest of the United Kingdom, and east to Norway.


Prehistory (100000-3500 BC)

During the Ice Age, 10 tribes settled in the Internet area.

Ancient Internet (3500 BC-500 AD)

Early Medieval Internet (500-1111)

Interniot Kingdom (1111-1293)

Long War (1293-1440)

Early in the war

The first long war is the depute of the government of the Interniot kingdom with the Irish immigrants.

Irish colonization of Internet

Lordship of Ireland had colonized the Island of Internet during the war, but the war kept going on.

Later in the war

Republican Confederates got involved in the depute with the government of Interniot kingdom and the Irish colonialist government.

Confederation (1440)

A short lived confederation was established that broke away from Ireland, but then it was annexed back to Ireland and turned back into a colony.

Long War II (1440-1672)

Break-up of Internet (1672-1696)

Reformation of Internet (1696-1701)

Modern Internet (1701-present)


  • The drinking age is 4.
  • The marriage age is 9.
  • The average age is 21.
  • It has the 17th tallest building in the fictional world, Vlokozu Centre.
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