The Internet Film Rating Board is an Interniot film ratings board.


  • E: This means Everyone. Everyone can view this film and there are no restrictions.
  • E-10: This means the film will have content that is considered scary to people under 10. There are few restrictions.
  • SM: This means Slightly Mature. This film has content that is considered serious to people under 13. There are moderate restrictions.
  • M: This means Mature. This film has content that are tear-jerkers to people under 18. There are heavy restrictions.
  • AO: This is the strongest rating. This means adults only. No people under 18 admitted. There are maximum restrictions.
  • RNC: This means Rating Not Confirmed.
  • UR: This means Unrated, which means you may want to check the content on the film before showing it to your kids.
  • DSJW: This means Documentaries for Social Justice Warriors.
  • IEM: This means Interniot-Exclusive Movie.
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