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Iris OS Onyx is an operating system made by iriSoft in 2019. It includes a tremendous amount of new features, such as a new interface - Aurora Shell which iriSoft claims it's a mix of Google's Material Design and iriSoft's design languages. Onyx got mostly positive reviews, with some saying about the new and exciting Aurora Shell including widgets. An watered down version of Iris OS Onyx is actually a new version of Iris OS Eco Edition, with a slimmed down Aurora Shell called PIXO.


Main article: Iris OS Onyx/Features

Iris OS includes a amount of new features:

  • UltraSearch - searching engine for searching files and the web.
  • Performance improvements, making the OS more intuitive. iriSoft says the OS is up to 38% faster than its predecessor.
  • New Start screen - full-screen start screen with compatibility for web shortcuts.
  • Widgets - similar to widgets in Windows Vista-7 and MacOS Big Sur.
  • iriSoft System Care - PC optimizer program made by iriSoft themselves.
  • SafeBrowser - web browser with built-in ad blocking.
  • Mail - email client.
  • Aurora UI - new interface.
  • New Notes app.
  • New File Manager which is more stable and has tabs.
  • irisChat - video chatting program.


All updates
Build Version name Release Notes
8CSI Iris OS Onyx September 1, 2019 Initial release
8CJD OS Onyx Bug Fixes Update September 9, 2019 Fixes a issue with the clock, causing a error when the time is set to 2 AM.
8LDM Iris OS Onyx 1.0.2 September 18, 2019 New features and bug fixes:
  • New system sounds
  • Fixes issue where widgets are rendered incorrectly
3V5A Iris OS Onyx September 27, 2019 Fixes bug addressing start screen artifacts and stability problems on the Core i3 irisEco model. (Exclusive to the irisEco)
4DJS Iris OS Onyx 1.0.3 October 8, 2019 New features and bug fixes:
  • New password generator in SafeBrowser.
  • New "Most Popular" tab in irisMart Marketplace
  • UI tweaks in windows
  • Security improvements
  • Bug fixes
4SJD Iris OS November 30, 2019 Fixes issue with IrisChat calls failing
4CNS Iris OS December 9, 2019 Fixes issue in Notes where opening the to-do list template causes a blank screen and new shopping list template in said app.
6DJD Iris OS March 2, 2020 Fixes an issue in the SafeBrowser password generator in which throws out an error code instead of a password.
3GSG Iris OS April 19, 2020 Changes include:
  • UI elements now have acrylic transparency (can be disabled in the Settings)
  • Fixes issues where UI icons appear garbled on some machines.
6DJD Iris OS April 29, 2020 Favorites bar improvements in SafeBrowser
6SGS Iris OS 10.3.5 June 15, 2020 New features include:
  • New option for an start menu
  • New search menu in the start menu
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements
2HDH Iris OS 10.4 July 19, 2020
  • Battery life improvements to the irisBook Compact
  • Fixes bug where trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network crashes the OS on some machines
  • Security patches and bug fixes
  • New taskbar design with floating design and an white start button with the Iris OS logo.
2DFD Iris OS August 2, 2020 Bug fixes
2DFC Iris OS August 19, 2020 Fixes garbled text on the Start screen on some machines.
2JDH Iris OS September 19, 2020 Fixed bug where filling up the desktop with a maximum amount of items the monitor can display will cause the desktop environment to crash loop and security improvments.
5FDG Iris OS October 18, 2020 TBA
5SGS Iris OS 1.1.0 November 10, 2020
6SDS Iris OS 1.1.1 November 24, 2020 Addressed bug with acrylic windows flickering on occasion on some machines.
6VSF Iris OS 1.1.2 December 19, 2020 TBA
4JSH Iris OS 1.1.3 January 17, 2021
7GSG Iris OS 1.1.4 February 2, 2021 Most areas now use the new Iris OS logo
1ODF Iris OS 1.1.5 March 5, 2021
  • New backgrounds and security fixes
  • New shopping list template
8HDH Iris OS 1.2 April 24, 2021
3HDL Iris OS 1.2.1 May 13, 2021
9FDB Iris OS 1.2.2 June 15, 2021 New taskbar design
3KDH Iris OS 1.2.3 July 8, 2021
7JDH Iris OS 1.2.4 July 30, 2021
3JFH iris OS 1.2.5 August 9, 2021
7KDF Iris OS 1.2.6 August 24, 2021
1IDH Iris OS 1.3.0 September 9, 2021 New features


The start

Onyx began development in November 2017, with the codename "Vertigo", and based on Iris OS '16. In 2018, a milestone 1 developer preview was released in July of that year. In the developer preview, the UI was called "NDE", an alpha version of Aurora UI. The version number calls itself "ecSoft Codename Vertigo Dev Preview". This build includes the new Start screen and lots of placeholders in the aforementioned feature, including the Search menu, which was removed in the final build.

Announcement and milestone 2 beta

In August 2018, a milestone 2 beta version was compiled, with the UI now calling itself just "Aurora" instead of Aurora UI. It was announced in August 2018 as "Onyx". Milestone 2 includes a beta version of the new Notes app, widgets, and a redesigned display properties panel. Another beta in the Milestone 2 was compiled on September 2018, and includes major changes to the Start screen to look similar to the RTM.


On launch, the OS received negative reviews regarding the amount of bugs the OS had on day one. iriSoft addressed an lot of the bugs users complained about, now making the OS having generally positive reviews.

System requirements


  • Processor: Intel/AMD processor with at least 2 cores
  • RAM: At least 2GB RAM
  • Storage: At least 10GB of storage