Iroune Zeena Rudaski (b. 17th June, 1991), better known as her stage name, Iroune Ruby is a Polish-born Kuboian rapper, record producer, actress and activist.

Beginning her career in 2001 at ten years-old, she initially appeared in several advertisements and promotional material before appearing in the second series of Nick Karaoke Stars in 2003, ultimately winning the series.

Early life

Iroune Zeena Rudaski was born on 17th June, 1991 in Harmęże, Poland to a Polish father, Qwyk Rudaski, and a Kuboian mother, Lorianne Otters. Larmeine and Qwyk married in Warsaw in 1988, three years before Iroune was born, and moved to Kuboia shortly after Iroune's birth.

Iroune spent the first five years of her life in Meifahrn, West Kuboia. Her parents divorced in 1996, causing her and her mother to move to Fahrbahnin, North Kuboia. She later dropped out of school and moved in with her auntie in 2002 in order to focus more on her acting career.



Iroune began appearing in promotion for Nick Go! in 2001. Her first appearance was in a minute-long advertisment titled "Why Watch Nick Go!?"

Personal life

Iroune has a noticeably English accent despite being Polish.

Iroune came out as bisexual in early 2004, but later changed her identity to pansexual in 2014. She lived with her auntie from 2002 until 2006, when she bought a Jetkeep of her own.

Iroune is a Kantasy fan.

Family and relationships

On 19th December, 2003, it was announced that Iroune was dating fellow Nick Karaoke Stars contestant Tyl Friskee. The two later got engaged on 25th December, 2005 and married on 7th May, 2006. Whilst the two were married, Iroune and Tyl had one child together, Artur, who was born on 1st February, 2007. The couple divorced in March 2013.

Iroune was in a relationship with Ussuf Lambroni from 2014 to 2018. They had a daughter, Anita, together, who was born on 7th March, 2015.


Studio albums

Extended plays


As lead artist

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
2005 "Play with Fire/Centre Stage" 1 11 7 9 28 4 3 8 14 Face the Game
"Before I Go"
(featuring Raddy Goodberry and Solo Region)
2 41 6 10 39 23
"Bright Lights" 1 25 8 31 118 5 5 13 17
2006 "Don't Dump Me Now"
(with Frankie Cerveza featuring Yin Lee, Peter Locke, MC Granny and David Guetta)
5 14 42 86
"Till My Demise"
(featuring Violet Stars and Irlein Ackney)
3 94 34 31 68 22 38
"–" indicates a single that did not chart in the region.



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