Irumistan is a country in the Middle East bordered to Oman.


Before discovery:

Irumistan was once isolated, with Persians on the lookout for outsiders who enter their claimed land.


The land was discovered by two Saudi Arabian sailors that were known for discovering isolated land in the fictional world.

After discovery:

The Saudi Arabians tried to conquer the land, but the Omanis took control of it before they did. And then the Saudis left.

Part of Oman (1900-1950)

While being part of Oman, it was a autonomous region within it.

However, it gained independence and became Socialist due to protests.

Socialism and Annexation of Irumistan (1950-1960)

The Socialist Republic of Irumistan lasted from 1950 to 1960, until being annexed by Oman. It then became the SAOR of Irumistan.

Independence revolution (1960-1989)

So many protesters gathered around the capital of Oman just to protest and gain independence. The protesters won and defeated Oman. Irumistan became a country afterwards.

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