Isdi' Targaad (/iʃdiʔ tarɣo:d/) (Marakaian for Pardon from God) (YinYangiese: 赦神; Sòizán) is a city in Amrekshakir, located 3km north of the YinYangian capital, Malodin.

It was the capital of the Marakaian Empire from its establishment in 600 BC to 12 AD.


The name comes from the endangered Gawudzanian language of Marakaian, spoken in an historical area of Marakaia, traced in present-day Xiang and Amrekshakir. It was named Isdi' Targaad because it was believed to be land established by God himself, due to the fertile soil, fresh water, and beautiful landscape.

The name is often anglified to as Ishdie Taregode. In YinYangiese, the city is known as Soizan, which is the translation of the Marakaian city name.

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