Isko Hazakte (born January 25, 1970) is a Sentanese politician, ex-military leader, and revolutionary who has been Prime Minister of Sentan since 2002.


Isko was born in Heart's Landing, Vlokozu Union to crane operator Kassi Hazakte and political leader Ming Hazakte.

After Gyönyörű Földünk took over Sentan, the Hazaktes fled to Argentina. They lived in Buenos Aires until 2000, when they moved to Viña del Mar, Chile for a brief period. In 2002, Isko headed the Battle of Fusa and captured Sentan back. He promised that if he won the civil war against Gyönyörű Földünk, he would bring back the days of Sentan when it was known as the Sentanese Empire.

In 2002, Isko was declared Prime Minister, and has been re-elected multiple times since the 2002 Constitution allows the Prime Minister to be re-elected multiple times for life, making a person who serves in the position the "Eternal Prime Minister".

In 2007, Isko announced "I will serve as Prime Minister and will be re-elected by my people who honor and respect our traditions for as long as I live!" during a speech at the United El Kadsreian Nations in Glonisla, El Kadsre.

Cult of personality

Isko has formed a sort-of cult of personality around him and his family in Sentan. The famous image of Isko holding an AK-47 over his head like a halo is seen on sides of buildings, on T-shirts, on ambulances, on official Sentanese Oceanic Oil Company (SOOC) billboards, and as action figures throughout the country. Another famous image of Isko with his fisted left arm raised while holding a microphone is seen in post-civil war propaganda along with the words "We're now writing the next chapter of the history of Sentan!".

In Sentan, "Isko is everywhere", along with images portraying similarities to Emperor Shori, Emperor Taizong and other notable Asian historical figures; the typical images that accompany the cultural messages are the blue dot in the flag of Sentan, the Fusa Forbidden City, praying monks, Isko's "microphone" photo, Sentanese flags, "evil" Gábor Horváth, a Gyönyörű Földünk-bannered snake, and Isko with the Superman logo.

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