Ismat Elyounoussi (born October 24, 1970) is a Barokian voice actor.


Ismat was born into a mixed Mestizo-Muslim family in Hagriz, Barokia. His father, Veshtor Elyounoussi II, is Mestizo of mixed Lebanese, British, Afro-Barokian, and Indigenous American descent, and his mother, Jesse Elyounoussi, is of mixed French and Dutch descent.

Personal Life

Ismat lives in Fusid City. He is an activist for Indigenous rights and while not doing voice acting work, sings in burlesque clubs.

Ismat has been described as a Friend to All Children, one notable instance had children coming to his door saying "Hi Squidward!" with him coming out saying "I'm busy practicing my clarinet!". He directs the children's theater group Sahreen with his brother Qanfooz.


  • Squidward Tentacles in SpongeBob SquarePants (Barokian dub)
  • Daniel "Danny" Fenton in Danny Phantom (Barokian dub)
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