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Ivanovian Emergency Public Alert System (Ивановская Система Экстренного Оповещения Населения, ИСЭОН) is a national warning system used in Ivanovie. It is owned by Ivanovian Emergency Committee and can be activated by local committee chapters and environmental agencies, as required. Warnings translate by TV, radio, SMS, loudspeaker.

IEPAS can warn for any of the following reasons:

  • Strong wind
  • Earthquake
  • Extreme temperature
  • Severe weather
  • Forest fire
  • Flood
  • Air raid
  • Chemical and radiation disaster
  • Terrorist threat
  • Technological disaster
  • People's abduction


In the 1930s in Ivanovie have been created a system of speakers. In peacetime, it translated radio and later television, but in time of the disaster, the speaker notified warning. In 1961 was creating organization manages the alert system. Since 1995 IEPAS translates messages also in English and Polish in Ivanovie and other countries.