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    Ivanovian Federal Republic, Ivanovie (Russian: Ивановская Федеративная Республика, Ивановье, IPA: /ivaˈnovje̞/, ee-van-oh-vee-ay) is a sovereign state located in Polerus, Polenesia. The capital and largest city is Ivanovsk. IFR extends across two time zones (UTC+2/PTM, UTC+3).


Ancient age



As mentioned earlier, Ivanovie is located in Polerus, Polenesia.


Throughout the country, the climate is humid continental. The west is characterized by a mountainous type of climate, for the hot summer subtype south cold semi-arid.

Summer throughout Ivanovie is long, warm, or hot, the average temperature in July is +20-27°C.

Flora and fauna

The nature of IFR's is quite diverse. Natural zoning is quite well expressed. Flora in Ivanovie has more than 27 thousand species of plants, and the fauna has about 50 thousand species of animals.

Natural disasters

Mainly in Ivanovie happens disasters weather and technogenic character.

Earthquakes are rare. They usually happen in the west of the country and archipelago.



Currency of Ivanovie - Ivanovian Vants (Ƀ), Ivanovian Kvants (100 IK = 1 Ƀ) (1 Ƀ = 0,2 USD)



The head of state in Ivanovie is a president elected by direct universal suffrage for a 5-year term. Most executive power rests with the head of government, the prime minister, who is usually the leader of the party or coalition that wins the majority in parliamentary elections and is appointed by the president. The executive body is the Government of the Ivanovian Federal Republic. The remainder of the cabinet is appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister.

The highest legislative body in Ivanovie is the 500-seat bicameral The National Assembly. Delegates are elected for a 5-year term based on proportional representation.

Political parties

  • Free Ivanovie
  • Zarya
  • Ivanovian Socialist Party
  • Otechestvo
  • Ivanovian Green Party
  • Democratic Alternativa
  • Our People

Administrative divisions

Ivanovie divided by divisions 10 volosts (волости), 4 autonomies (автономии), 3 federal cities (города федерального значения). Volosts, autonomies divided communes (коммуны), and federal cities like usual municipalities (общины) divided districts (район).




Civil defense

The civil defense in Ivanovie is managed by Ivanovie Emergency Committee (IEC) and its regional divisions. IEC is a subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Also, Ivanovie and some countries in Polenesia (Parthesia, Spertolesia, etc.) has a centralized emergency warning system owned by IEC.



Main article: Television in Ivanovie

Television in Ivanovie was introduced in 1930, but broadcasting was suspended in 1939 due to World War II. In 1945 broadcasting was restored. Later, the PAL analog television broadcasting standard was adopted. Nowadays, in Ivanovie are available 30 free-to-air channels, they are fully available on DVB-T. The country hasn't TV tax, broadcasters funded by government grants and advertising.


Main article: Radio in Ivanovie

Like television, radio broadcasters are funded by grants and advertising.



  • In Ivanovie are mobile operators: Svyaz' Telekom, Blue, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and others.
  • Ivanovian Plugs and Sockets are C and F.


The IFR hasn't a national sport, but in the country are popular sports: football and hockey.

Public holidays

  • January 1 — New Year's Day
  • January 7 — Orthodox Christmas
  • February 14 — Valentine's Day
  • March 8 — International Women's Day
  • April 1 — Polenesian Anniversary Day
  • April 12 — Day of Ivanovie
  • March 30 - April 14 — Easter
  • May 8 — Victory Day
  • July 8 — Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness
  • July 19 — Constitution Day
  • December 31 — New Year's Eve

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