Jim Pedro Reeve, better known as JP Reeve (born November 15, 1975), is an El Kadsreian television presenter. He currently is a host of the ETVKK block and the ETVKK channel alongside Sapphire, Marky G., Jamie Jamee Stephens, Ji Chang, and Denny Joe.



JP Reeve in 1991

JP Reeve was born in Fusa in 1975. His father, Bill Reeve, was a crane operator in Heart's Landing harbor, and his mother, Samantha Reeve, is a former rock 'n roll acrobatic dancer. He is of Armenian, Mongolian, Syrian Jewish, French-Canadian, and Hungarian descent. The family moved to Capulco when he was 4. Reeve stated "growing up in Sentan and then in El Kadsre certainly influenced me as a kid."

JP first worked as a telegram messenger and later as a shoe shiner at the SSV offices in El Kadsre City from 1979-1986, and got a job as a ETVKK presenter in 1988 after answering an audition call in Romrac.

As of 2018, JP is the longest serving presenter for a children's television program in El Kadsre, overtaking Aaliyah Clifford in 2015.

He has also appeared on Saturday Banushen as a stand-in for his sister Jessie and is a frequent guest performer on Eating Media Lunch El Kadsre.

Personal Life

JP married fellow ETVKK presenter Chicky E. in a on-set ceremony in 1995. Their children Quinten and Maurecia are following in their footsteps as television presenters.

In 2018 he made two $1 million bids each to purchase the advertising platforms Taboola and Outbrain with the intent of shutting both down. Both bids were rejected.

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