Jack Peter Fruits is a Brazilian-Jetanie singer-songwriter.


Jack, born in Manacapuru, Brazil to a Jetanie father and Swiss-Brazilian mother, moved to Koolia, Jetania with his parents at age 3. His mother was born in Switzerland to Italian Swiss parents and moved to Brazil at age 2.


When he was a preteen, Fruits would spend most of his weekends and school holidays writing his own songs, which he would perform in talent shows. He would usually meet up with his half-brother Nate Status to write collaborations.

In December 2012, as a Christmas present from his mother, Fruits was signed to Island Records.

Personal life

As of April 2018, Jack has been engaged to Liberty "Flavia" Darson. A few months after Liberty confirmed their relationship, it was rumoured that Liberty was pregnant, but Mask Torn debunked the rumours.

In August 2018, Jack came out as bisexual, revealing that he has had romantic feelings for other boys in the past. He also mentioned that Liberty knew about his bisexuality long before they got engaged.


Studio albums


As lead artist

Year Title Chart positions Album
2013 "Spin Around"
(featuring MC Granny)
45 7 13 67 Live Forever
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