"It's Takumi Hearthcliffe, the leader stalker, a menace and the otaku ambusher, he is hated by many! Once a normal boy named Jack Fuchs, he turned himself into the evil side from the hacktivist group of Team Crimson after he killed Kumiko Uchida's mother at the young age of 11."
- Official description

'Jack Fuchs' (Japanese: ジャック・フックス; Hepburn: 'Jakku Fukkusu'), also known by his alias 'Takumi Hearthcliffe' (Japanese: タクミ・ハースクリーフ; Hepburn: 'Takumi Hāsukurīfu'), is a fictional character and the central antagonist of The Drillimation Series anime Chuhou Project.


Early years

Hearthcliffe was born on May 25, 1988 at Team Crimson's hideout. His mother, Hanayo Fuchs, died shortly after his birth. He lived alone with his father, Fred Fuchs, for almost his entire life.

Creation of his first two horcruxes

In March 2000, at the age of 11, after having a mean relationship with Hikari Uchida, he came up with a plot to assassinate her, and at one point, she had taken his Game Boy away from him after he was caught playing on it during recess. Hearthcliffe used the knife he stole from the cafeteria and used it to kill Uchida, and turned the knife into a horcrux.

In May 2002, exactly a few days after his fourteenth birthday, he had a Perler bead sprite he wanted to make into a horcrux, and using his father's shotgun, he killed Junji Ebina and used his soul to make his second horcrux, being the sprite.

Minecraftia High School years

In April 2003, Hearthcliffe began his career at Minecraftia High School, where he was placed into Kazedan.

Family Tree

Rinnosuke Morichika
Yuka Kazami
many generations
Kenta Kazami
Tsumugi Chikami
unknown son
unknown wife
unknown daughter
Mr. Fuchs
Hanayo Katsuragi
Fred Fuchs
Jack Fuchs
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