Joseph Ferguson Turnage (born June 26, 1990), professionally known as Jack Paul, is an Engarian actor, comedian, stand-up comedian, and businessman. He was best known for appearing in the former Wiki TV comedy-drama series, The Roberts, where he portrays the lead character for the series (Christopher Roberts).

He also founded a video game company (Jack Paul Games) where he has developed many video games, such as Jack Paul: The Game, Jack Paul's Amazing Adventures, amongst other games.

Early life

Jack Paul was born in Komapest on June 26th, 1990. His mother was a reporter for Wiki TV Evening News, while his father was working as a chef. In 1993 however, Jack Paul's father died when he suffered a car accident while he was on his way home. Since then, he was raised by his mother, but he moved out of his mother's home when he began his career.

Formative years

Jack Paul began his career in 2010 when he portrayed Christopher Roberts in The Roberts. Jack paul later continued his career when he was contracted by the Joseph Soldier theater in Komapest. Since then, Jack Paul has been contracted to various theaters in the country, including the comedy theater, where he has been part of it since 2017.

In 2016, Jack Paul founded the video game company (Jack Paul Games) and has developed many video games during his career.

Since 2018, jack paul was named as one of the presenters of the RTL-TVI stand-up comedy show, The Comedy Club. Coincidentally, he was named as the stand-up comedian.

Personal life

Jack Paul only had 1 recent romance back in 2009 when he began dating with TWO News reporter Camellia Vincent. their relationship ended in 2011, but it was unknown at the time on why it ended. Many newsmagazines say that Camellia was too jealous to love Jack Paul, but other newsmagazines say that Camellia wanted to live with a "proper boyfriend".

In 2013, Jack Paul began dating with Serina Young, who works as a prosecutor. In 2020, Jack Paul and Serina were married in a luxurious Komapest mansion where Jack Paul resides in. In an interview with Wiki TV's good morning engary, Paul said "I've never had a wife. I've always dreamed of having one ever since I broke up with a reporter in 2011, and I've finally married a woman I've really loved".





2010-2012 The Roberts Actor (Role: Christopher Roberts)
2012-2014 The Jack Paul Show Actor (Role: Himself)
2018-present The Comedy Club Presenter
2017-present Our Little Village Actor (Role: Johnny Lowe)
2019 Dear Heirs Cameo


Drunk driving incident

On May 1st, 2010, Jack Paul suffered a car crash while he was on his way home. The car overturned and landed on top of the roadside ditch. According to the Komapest Police Department, Jack Paul was drunk at the time the accident happened. Meanwhile, Jack Paul was fined $112,000, and his license was revoked for 1 year and 9 months.

On September 6th, 2011, Jack Paul appeared in court and has admitted that he drank while driving, and he would also like to apologize for causing the accident. However, Jack Paul was convicted of a 10-month prison sentence for drunk driving while causing serious bodily harm. He has been in prison between October 2011 to March 5th, 2012 when he was released on parole after five months after behaving well.

Other incidents

In June 2014, TWO TV magazine show Active leaked several pictures that were taken in a Komapest bar, featuring Jack Paul kissing with another woman. Many people have attacked Jack Paul on Facebook, many of which started making death threats against him. This also led to both Serina and Jack Paul nearly breaking up because of the aforementioned leaked pictures.

Jack Paul later confirmed on Facebook that he'll apologize for kissing another woman, also saying that he made a "very big mistake".


Many people have described Jack Paul as the most influential comedians in Engary. Famous for his surrealistic personality, Jack Paul has always appeared in many Wiki TV on-air idents, one of which includes jack paul relaxing at the beach. In one of the idents from TWO TV, Jack Paul was seen having a bike ride with his wife Serina, with their children. However, Jack Paul said that he and Serina never had children and has no plans to have a baby just yet.

Jack Paul also has a large fanbase on twitter and he also owns a TikTok account.

Jack Paul was also famous for developing Jack Paul: the game, a video game that is considered to be very similar to jack paul simulator. The game has over 21,000,000 copies sold and the game was a bestseller, and Jack Paul has been continuing to develop many other games since then.

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