Jacqui Vlokozu (born March 14, 1958) is an El Kadsreian politican. She was the governor of the Administrative Region of the Vlokozuian State of Screencold and Line from 1981 to 1989 and was the president of El Kadsre from 1998 to 2004.

She was the first female president of El Kadsre and her term as El Kadsre's president was part of the Vlokist revival as her brother David was already Prime Minister at the time.


Jacqui was born in Colombo, Ceylon to Michael Vlokozu and Laverne Vlokozu. Jacqui got her middle name from an alternate name for Visakhapatnam, the city in India where she was conceived.

In 1998, Jacqui ran for and was elected President of El Kadsre, making her and David the first Vlokozu family members to head government fully since the end of the Vlokozu Union era.

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