Jade Ray (born January 14, 1944) is an Australian-El Kadsreian voice director and occasional voice actor, and the founder of the dubbing studio Returned and Services League. He is known worldwide for working in the redubbing and distribution of foreign TV shows and films for the English-language market. He is nicknamed the "King of Foreign Funnies".


Born in Mildura in Victoria, Australia; Jade was a soldier in the Vietnam War as part of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, where he met his wife Minh after he escaped a POW camp. In 1972, the two moved to the Vlokozu Union. Whilst in El Kadsre City, the two discovered the wuxia film The Blood Brothers playing at a Chinese cinema. Jade contacted the Costa Rican-American filmmaker Richard Artiñano who bought the international rights on the cheap. Jade founded the dubbing studio Returned and Services League, named for the the Australian military support organization of the same name of which he was receiving benefits from, and Richard hired him for dubbing.

Soon, Jade was hired by television companies from around the world to dub foreign projects into English, especially drama and comedy TV programs from the Latin America countries and Asian martial arts films.

In 1983, Jade and Minh opened a satellite studio in Pansaura, RSL Studios Pansaura, which was the most advanced dubbing studio in the country at the time, using RSL's patented DubMaster 3450 combination-computer-and-recording-console system.

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