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Jaden Chang (Chinese: 傑登·張; born February 23, 1997) is a Chinese-Tsengian stage actor, singer and songwriter, best known for originating the role of Dino in Elements of Legends. He made his Broadway debut as Prince Hayate in the 2011 revival production of Cosmic Spectre, for which he was nominated for the 2011 Caprice Zone Awards. His debut single "Flowers", was released on February 2018. It was included on his debut album, Winter of the Valley (2019). Chang is also recognized for his lead roles in films such as the comedy-drama Date of the Line (2009), the fantasy Chibi Prince (2009), the television film Kai the Little Huntsman (2010), the musical Valerie and Troy (2013), the epic fantasy Crown of The Rhyme (2016), the period action-comedy Same of Lied (2017) and the biographic drama Stories of Rodrigo Cyren (2019)

Early life

Jaden Chang was born Chang Dengjie (張登杰) on February 23, 1997, in Shanghai, China. As a child, he loved musicals and plays. He moved to Taihua, Georgeville and attended primary school Taihua Elementary School in 2007.


Musical Career

In 2007, he made his Broadway debut as Raiko in Neptune Mesa.


Chang outside the stage door of Elements of Legends in Arbre-Rose, Tseng, 2012