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Jaftsland (pronounced Jaft-Sland [IPA:d͡ʒæft-slænɖ]) (Jaftslish: Yåftslånd [pronounced in Jaftslish, yoft-slont; IPA: jɔfʈslɔnʈ]), a.k.a the Republic of Jaftsland is a sovereign state in Europe bordered by Spain and France. It is Europe's second largest country by area. Jaftsland is a member of the United Nations, European Union, NATO, etc.

Danish Colonization (1214 AD - 1360 AD)

In 1214 AD, the Danes colonized the nation.

Swedish handover (1360 AD-1421 AD)

The Danes gave Jaftsland to the Sweds in 1360 AD.

Establishment of the Jaftslish Republic (1421 AD-1576 AD)

Around in 1421 AD, the Swedish introduced the Jaftslish language and founded the Jaftslish Republic.

British Jaftslish Republic (1576 AD-1747)

In 1576 AD, British led the Jaftslish Republic.

Jaftslish Independence Century (1747-1847)

In 1747, Jaftsland gained independence from Sweden and England. They fought for 100 years and it is known as the world's longest war.

Modern Day Jaftsland (1847-present)

100 years later, Jaftsland became independent. The Swedish language was dissolved in Jaftsland.


TV Networks are RTDY, YåftsTV, ETV, BNC etc.