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James Karlo Andrea is a YinYangian politician who served as the fourth president of the Republic of YinYangia, elected in 2014, reelected in 2018, and stepped down in 2021.


Karlo was born in Vastovi to a mixed family in 1946. His father was Chinese and his mother was a Mestizo of Filipino descent. He was often assaulted by his drug-addicted father, until he was arrested in 1952 and was executed for child abuse.

At a young age, he was interested in politics and sport. He believed that if the Tottomics ruled YinYangia for a long time, the Gawudzans would cease to exist in the future, so he mostly avoided the Tottomics and only accompanied with the Hans and the Japanese. After graduating at the University of Muliuden in 1969, Karlo joined the Gawudzan Rights Front.

He married Bezau Lee, a Mandarin-speaking Han Chinese woman, in 1972, and only had one child. Later, she died due to terminal cancer in 1986. He was exiled to the United States in 1989 for being a member of the Gawudzan Rights Front, but returned after the dissolution of the Toralaq Republic.

He left politics in 2000 and traveled to several countries. He lived in China for six months in 2001, but had to return to newly-independent YinYangia on August 2001 to visit his ill mother. After his mother's death, he rejoined politics and promised to the YinYangians that he would make his country stronger and better.

Karlo ran for president in 2008, but lost to the second president, Andrew Lauhwe. Fortunately, after winning the 2014 election, he was elected the third president of YinYangia. Despite his promise, he was a very controversial president. He was criticized for his autocratic rule and his hostility towards European people.

In 2015, he condemned the Paris Attacks and said that, "Not all muslims should be blamed for an attack made by a small group.", yet, he is known for his anti-Muslim comments. In 2017, he was criticized for retweeting anti-Muslim videos. After recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he did not plan to shift the YinYangian Embassy in Tel Aviv, to avoid getting hate from muslims.

In 2020, Karlo rejected the US Middle East Peace Plan and officially recognized the State of Palestine.

In October 2021, Karlo announced his resignation from politics due to his declining health, and thus would not be competing in the 2022 YinYangian presidential election. He was replaced by Swe Aigyi as the YPP candidate for the election.

Personal life

He is currently single and has one adopted child, Jacques Karlo, who is a businessman. His father, Hau Andrea, comes from a Chinese background, and was a bishop. His mother was a Mestizo, making James Karlo a Chinese-Filipino.