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Jay TV is an American hand-drawn animated sitcom created by Chance S. for The WB.

The series first premiered on The WB on June 3, 2001, during the first five seasons. After the merger between The WB and UPN (which resulted in The CW), the series was moved to that channel. Unlike Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs, Jay TV was designed specifically for mature audiences, featuring comical (sometimes bloody) violence, adult humor including coarse language (some swears are censored, though uncensored on DVD), running gags and pop culture references. This effectively makes Jay TV Steven Spielberg's first adult animated television series.

Chance S. began working on the show in 1997 when he came up with an idea for an animated sitcom to air on The WB. In 1998, he confirmed that he was working on a pilot pitch for The WB and said it would premiere in 2001. He showed the pilot in 2000 and Season 1 began production.

On January 24, 2006, when CBS and Warner Bros. announced that they would shut down The WB and UPN and launch The CW later that year, it was confirmed that Jay TV would be moved to The CW. Season 5 was the last season to air on The WB.

It has a comic book series named Jay Comic and a 4D ride at WB Movie World and Universal Studios Hollywood called Jay TV: The 4D Experience. As of May 2019, it is currently The CW's longest-running animated series and the fourth longest-running American sitcom behind The Simpsons, TeenV, and Family Guy.




The show takes place in the town of Everyville, which has never mentioned it's exact state. The only given clues are that it might be in Texas, Louisiana, or Missouri.




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Country Broadcasting Network(s)
United States The WB (2001-2006)
The CW (2006-present)
Adult Swim (2004-present)
Comedy Central (2007-present)
Canada Global (2001-present)
The Comedy Channel (2010-present)
Kuboia Vision One (2004-present)
United Kingdom & Ireland MTV (2002-2003)
Paramount Comedy 1 (2003-2009)
Comedy Central (2009-present)
Circlia TV Circlia (2005-present)

Setora TV (2017-present)

Republic of Guy GBS4 (2006-present; English & Guyish)

Comedy Central (2009-present; English)

Kawa TV Montoya (2004-2009; 2015-present)


Most episodes are rated TV-14-DLV (some episodes with a TV-PG-LV rating), with syndicated reruns of some episodes on Adult Swim and Comedy Central rated TV-MA. In the UK, earlier seasons were rated 12, but as the seasons went up, so did the adult humor, so later seasons are rated 15. It is rated PG and M in Australia.

In Circlia, this show is rated M, and is rated 14+ in the Republic of Guy.


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