Jeanette Ska Jones (born c. 1885) is a fictional character, created by Canadian actor and artist Jake Sanford and portrayed by Russian-Canadian actress Kim Yaroshevskaya.


Jeanette, Jeff and Jack's grandmother, has a undetermined history. Her extreme old age often leads to clues about her origin. Her driver's license states that she was born in the Scottish Lowlands, her national anthem implies she originates from Qing Dynasty China, and, when introduced to television news in a hotel in the Phillipines, wonders if CNN International will do an update on the Hundred Days Offensive. Other episodes have her instructing a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer to "send a telegram regarding the arrest of Umeko to the Siamese consulate in Newfoundland via steamboat" and saying that US dimes "would buy me a ham sandwich, a cup of coffee, and a ride on the train from Vancouver to Montreal." Reflecting her advanced age, she is given to expressing dated humor, making references to popular culture from various different centuries and years, and aspiring to apply obsolete technology to everyday life.

Jeanette is a noteworthy entrepreneur who's children own several companies and businesses, including the Jones Animal Farming Co., the Basketcase II department store, a construction company, the Burgeropoly fast food chain, and a hotel located "down the street from the Amshack at the United States border."

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