Jeremy Vallejos (born November 2, 1960) is the CEO of Carwardine Parks' Dept. 2. He became the head of Dept. 2 in 1995 after working in walkaround and entertainment capacities since 1984, when he was 23, at various Carwardine Parks properties including Carwardine Corners, Canada's Adventure Acres, Chippewa Lake Park and Carwardine Colony. He was also Carwardine's Chief Creative Officer from 1998-2008.


Jeremy was born in Yonkers, New York, the son of lower middle class Spanish emigrants from Lugo in Galicia, and raised 27 minutes away in East Harlem, Manhattan, New York City.

He was 23 years old in 1984 when he began working in Yonkers at Carwardine Corners, the then-new Carwardine Parks property.


  • He was jokingly referred to as "Marine World" at FairCon 2001, as a reference to Six Flags Marine World (now Discovery Kingdom) which is located in Vallejo, California, similar to his last name.
  • He performs Barney the Dinosaur in the 1995 demo film for the Carwardine live show Barney Live in Your Town that was filmed at Carwardine Colony (with Mitzi Causic performing Baby Bop and Amaya Carwardine performing BJ).
  • He was the first person to ride & film Excalibur at Boblo Island after it got relocated from AstroWorld. His footage could be seen in several ads for the coaster.
  • He performed Grumpy Bear of the Care Bears for his brief appearance in articulated costume form for the 2004 "Cool Carwardine" ad for Carwardine Colony.
  • Jeremy married Samantha "Sam" Vallejos (née McCaul) in 1997 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Virginia Beach.
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