Jetania (pronounced "Jet-ae-nee-ah") or the Third Republic of Jetania is a country in Europe that has marinal borders with Kuboia, Marvatia, Frawzin, Grakorea, Ziakoren, Sycrene, Jaftsland, Spain and Portugal.

Currently, there is a presidential crisis due to Derrick Harlock being overthrown by Darlene Gerendez, and many countries are divided on who is the true president of the country.



During the Ice Age, tribes entered the land when it's now known as Jetania, they named it Geugarna after the town of Geugar. The rising sea levels already turned the land into an island, tribes try to get to mainland Europe, but 99,990 died from the rising sea levels, leaving only 10 people left trying to get the dead bodies from the water and they eventually died from disease, leaving no more people remaining on the island, that's why the island is referred to it as Ghost Island until 1946.

Ghost Island

Before World War 2, Jetania was known as Ghost Island, as the island was never explored, and rumours spread in the 1930s that those who explored the island would die, though this rumour was squashed around 1939. The rumours happened when people entered the island by boat and then there were skeletons everywhere on the island and abandoned tribal cities and towns, people that went to the island were infected because of air emitted diseases. It is unknown how long the island had been around for, or when the rumour was first to spread.

Ghost Island during World War 2

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During World War 2, the island was used as a shelter for the Brits and Spanish. After World War 2 ended, most of the residents of Ghost Island fled back to their country. However, around 30 people stayed on the island to start a new life. The word Jetania was first coined in January 1946.


When Jetania was established, the National Renovation Project was announced by Derrick Harlock in 1955, but it was later scraped in 1958, instead, he decides that he wants the authorities to get all of the prehistoric artefacts like the skeletons from the ground and take them to the Jetanie National Museum and tries to collect all of the diseases from the prehistoric artefects to save it up for biological weapons.

Chiefdom of Owakoi was extremely affected from the invasions by Jetania and its dominions, and every tribal towns and cities were all burned and destroyed from the invasions, except for a bunch of the villages, which were able to thrive after the invasions ended, but eventually, the Owakoi were kicked out of their own villages and imprisoned by the Government of the Dominion of Kuboia and Jetania.

The Jetanie Socialist Revolutionaries leader, Marie Vopal had overthrown Derrick Harlock and the government in late 1985. Harlock supporters wanted to coup d'etat against Marie Vopal, so that happened in mid 1986, Marie Vopal was overthrown and Harlock established the Second Republic of Jetania.

After Kuboia got independence, Jetania declared war against Kuboia. After Jetania lost the war, the UN force Jetania to recognise Kuboia as an independent country and Jetania was force to pay 10 billion Jetins (7.5 billion US dollars) for war reparations to Kuboia and then Jetania is now 250 billion US Dollars in debt after the Jetanie-Kuboian war. Jetania wasn't happy about this, so Jetania try to trade with the Soviet Union and Afghanistan and then aided them in the Soviet-Afghan War. USA attempted to overthrown the Government of Jetania during the 1987 Jetanian coup d'etat when the USA found out that Jetania now supporting and helping out the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, but that coup d'etat ended up as a failure, failed to overthrow Derrick Harlock.




As of 2019, only four of the 30+ original residents are still alive, one of those being Derrick Harlock, who was president for 73 years. Darlene Gerendez overthrew Derrick Harlock on 19th June, 2019 to became the new and the next president of Jetania.




 Overseas territories

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  • Argrany; located in the Hudson Bay.
  • Ratiar Jucgue; located in the Caribbean as a deputed territory with Cuba, Mexico, Colombia and Jamaica.
  • Harlock Island; located in the Arctic Ocean near Norway.
  • Jucan't; located in the Antarctic Ocean.

Disestablished Settlements/Abandoned Settlements/Destroyed Settlements

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  • The marriage and drinking age is 16, whilst the driving age is 18.
  • Jetania uses a four-day school week, just like Kuboia and Marvatia.
    • However, Jetania get Fridays off, whilst Kuboia get Wednesdays off and Marvatia get Mondays off.
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