Jetanian Archipelago

The Jetanian Archipelago (formerly called the Okatian Archipelago from the early 1800s to 1918 and the Ghost Archipelago from 1918-46) is a group of islands located in the west of Europe. They consist of Jetania, Kuboia, Marvatia, Frawzin, Grakorea, Ziakoren, Sycrene, Asterisk, Tyono, Kherbet, Aetholin, Puerto Chango, Megassa, Okatia, CD20 Islands, Victoria and Garajuen. The total population of the Jetanie Archipelago is around 205,505,025. The most populated is Okatia and the least populated is Kherbet.


The Jetanie Archipelago rose from the sea about 1,000 years after Pangaea split up to form the modern continents.

The archipelago as an officially recognised area was established in 1946 after Jetania became established as a country.

In 2018, Victoria invaded Schotekanya, it's now a state called "Efoca" (Latin: Effugere Okatia. English: Okatia's Escape).

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