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Jeton Corporation, also known simply as Jeton (which means "token" in French), formerly Azul Telecomunicación is a Kawanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Bexley, Cupp City, Kawa, best known for developing television sets, computers, radios, telephones, mobile phones, online services, video game consoles, etc. 

Originally founded in 1953 by Jay Manzanedo as a telecommunication company, which later became an technology company in 1965 as Jeton after it's first television set was invented. 


As a telecommunication company: 1953-1965

Jeton was founded by Jay Manzanedo in 1953 as Azul Telecomunicación, with a telephone called, Respondiendo Marcar (which means "answering dial" in Spanish), as the company's first product. During it's early years, it was once a cable provider company, specifically for telephones.

Television and radio: 1965-1988

In 1965, Jeton invented it's first television set called, "Cuadro Imagen" which was highly successful at markets causing Jeton to start inventing more television sets as well as radio sets. In 1973, they started their own network, Jeton Broadcasting System (JBS), with them joining the television industry. They also joined the radio industry, creating Jeton Radio and Jeton News Radio.

Technology: 1989-1997

Mobile Devices: 1997-2011

Recent: 2012-present


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  • We build tonight! (1970-2012)
  • Open up your mind! (2012-present)

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