Jiniseong (Jini: 지니성), official Jiniseong Republic (Jini: 지니성 렢웁맄 [Jiniseong Lepubin]) is a republic nation located in East Asia.


Jiniseong is a relatively small country located to the south of the Koreas. An estimation of 20% of the country is made up of water.


There are four states in Jiniseong: Dumahari, Jungis, Kwangni, and Suganidoni.


The country's currency is the peung, one peung being the equivalent of $0.81 in the United States of America.

1⌭ $0.81
10⌭ $8.10
100⌭ $81.00

The peung has been the currency since 1906, after the koin (코인) was replaced completely. The replacement period lasted from July of 1900 to May of 1906; about six years.



A lot of art in Jiniseong is in the form of painting, even in the modern world. This is because of the famous Jinese painter Mon Jansangyum.


A notable food in Jiniseong includes mi-cheung, which is fried chicken with butter syrup. Another is cheomorunos (singular and plural), a dish of strawberries and blueberries topped with chocolate icing and peanut butter.



In Jiniseong, a citizens can earn take driver's education at 15, receive a driving permit as 16, and begin driving at 18. The age is so high to get a license due to the Jinese Driver Safety Act (JDSA) of 1996.

Drinking, drugs, and smoking

Drinking is only allowed for citizens of age 50 and older. Beer, wine, and the Jinese drink jan-im-iss are the only legal alcoholic drinks allowed in the country, and anything else is banned. The consumption of all other alcoholic beverages will result in a jail sentence of 5–10 years.

Taking drugs not prescribed by a doctor was made is strictly illegal by Jinese Environmental Protection Authority (JEPA). taking drugs without prescription may result in a jail sentence of 20 years the first time, and an indefinite sentence a second time.

Smoking is also illegal due to its heavy negative impact on the world, automatically resulting in an indefinite jail sentence.

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