Jogos Brasileiros was a bootleg game company from Brazil. Its logo is a mystery and most of its games are unknown.

Known Games

Jogos Brasileiros

Jogos Brasileiros 2

Known Information

The company shut down in 2011.

They messed up with copyrighted things (Doki from Discovery Kids, Senhor Sol from RH Crianças, Mario, Nintendo, Gaming Game, Kirby, EarthBound, etc.) and this caused its end

In Brazil, the company is very known (The same thing happens in Argentina, Chile & Paraguay)

Its creator is Ricardo Janeiro, he was arrested in 2013 due for lawsuits about copyright

Jogos Brasileiros created over 60 games!

When Their Son Grew Up, They Created A Separate Company called Jogos Brasileiros 2, which Added a DMCA Disclaimer on their Headquarters, stating that they Don't Own The Rights to anything.


  • A Tribute to This Company Is Present in Chinese Traditional Game Company's Games released between 2011 and 2012.
  • They Also Sell Unreleased Games (such as Sonic's Edusoft).
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