Johnathon "John" Kunning (1916-22nd September, 2007) was an English politician and activist, best known for being one of the three co-founders of the country of Kuboia alongside Garnett Boastful and Echo Oakley. Up until Kuboia became a country in 1987, John was the flagship politician of Kuboia.

John died on 22nd September, 2007 at the age of either 90 or 91 due to a heart failure.


Johnathon Kunning was born somewhere in the south east of England in 1916. His father was a soldier in World War 1 and 2. In 1939, when World War 2 had just been declared, John's mother was killed in a bomb attack, so his father gave John a "small" loan in order for him to flee to Ghost Island, which eventually became Jetania after World War 2 ended.

Personal life


John Kunning's official birthday has never officially been recognised. However, right before his father's death in 1971, he revealed that John had been born in 1916, but did not know the exact date.

In 2016, an anonymous internet user posted a thread on Reddit claiming that John had been born on 14th January, 1917. Despite providing evidence, the claim was immediately dismissed.

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