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Jonas Konnor Thorpe (February 11, 1951 - September 4, 2002) was an Aquarian comedian. He is notable for being one of the founding members of the comedy group Jotedo!, along with Ted Kendrick and Donovan Barlett.



In 1951, while his family was on vacation in New York City, he was born to Austin Thorpe and Mia Thorpe. Two days later, they returned to Aquaria so that the rest of their family could meet Jonas.

Career as a comedian

From an early age, Jonas was known as the class clown at his school. Over the years, he developed his sense of comedy, a mix of black comedy and satire. In 1986, he met Donovan Barlett at a bar. They immediately became friends and started doing comedy routines together. In 1997, famous comedian Ted Kendrick offered to join their group, and they renamed it Jotedo!.


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On August 19, 2002, Jonas did a standalone comedy routine. During the said routine, he proceeded to crack numerous jokes about the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, the final one being the most notable: "And if Flandre hates me, she can kiss my a██!". He was criticized for the routine by many people for making light of a terrorist organization; however, Team Crimson did not take well to the routine.

A month later, on September 4, 2002, around 5 Crimsonites set fire to Jonas's house. He was sleeping at the time, so he was not aware of the fire. One woman who drove by his house while it was burning called the fire department, and they came quickly. During this time, news choppers were surrounding his house as it was burning down. In the end, about 75% of the house was burnt down, with Jonas and his cat Lee being incinerated in the fire; however, his dog Millie was able to escape through a window. She survived, however she lost the use of one of her legs.


Following his death, three Crimsonites, Takamaru Sadao, Kirigaya Benjiro, and Sasagawa Shintaro were arrested, charged with arson of an occupied structure for burning down his house and first-degree murder. A fourth Crimsonite remains at large, while a fifth one, Kubo Tomoyuki, killed himself before the police could find him.

Three days after he died, Jotedo! was disbanded. An episode of the 2003 Mr. Driller anime series was dedicated to Jonas.