"Bro! Y'aint good yet? I gotta #### myself Robert! If ya rented it, ya rented it! Ya might get it man?"

-Jonell to Robert Frankson

Jonell Freeman was born in Miami, her mom is from Cameroonian descent and her dad has nothing much important about him

Jonell met Eleonora at a camping trip when he was 14 years old. They started a relationship and they got married when he was 21 yrs old then 3 years after their marriage he made Eleonora pregnant with triplets and soon adopted a Chinese Girl in an orphanage

Intendingly he started an illegal ugly girls shifting with Robert, Attending to that Robert broke up with her gf beacuse she said by his dad's mind that she was ugly, so they made a rent for it. A ugly girl from Bangladesh named Ekata Prabhupāda started to pay Jonell and Robert $200 to do sex on a hot guy.

Their illegal job was closed and Jonell moved to Los Angeles (along with his family) and never saw Robert. A few moments later Jonell forgot to pay the bill and moved to El Kadsre City (along with his family)

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