José Villaseñor (born March 7, 1953) is a Mexican writer and member of the roller coaster enthusiasts community. He is a writer for Coasters and mainly specializes in Latin American & Spain parks. He joined the Coasters magazine crew in 1985.

He was born in Coyoacán in Mexico City, Mexico. He currently resides in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Top 10 Latin/Spanish Coasters

  1. Shambhala
  2. Avalancha
  3. Medusa Steel Coaster
  4. Red Force
  5. Superman El Ultimo Escape
  6. Furious Baco
  7. Montana Rusa (SBNO)
  8. Bullet (Selva Magica)
  9. Quimera (SBNO)
  10. Titan (Selva Magica)
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