July 13 plot

  On July 13, 1967, Hiroki Sakamoto and other East El Kadsreian spies attempted to assassinate the West El Kadsreian prime minister Takehiko Maeda, the West El Kadsreian president Michael Vlokozu and Richard Giles, the West El Kadsreian foreign minister, inside of the West El Kadsreian army base in Nikezike Open Area in the Vicnoran Kingdom. The plot was the part of Operation Verlammen, the operation with the apparent aim to arrest and execute all West El Kadsreian politicians and take control of the West, so El Kadsre would be reunified.

The plot was the culmination of efforts by the East El Kadsreian spies to overthrow the West El Kadsreian government. The failure of the assassination attempt led to 36 spies who've participated in the plot have been arrested, while 12 of the spies have committed suicide before getting arrested.

Maeda and Giles were killed immediately while Vlokozu survived with serious injuries.

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