Jupiter (initially known by the codename Bravo) is a low-end smartphone designed, developed and marketed by Nimbus Electronics Limited, running the Rimyoni operating system. It uses Qi wireless charging.



OneLook shows only when one receives a notification while their device’s display is turned off, allowing them to quickly view incoming notifications from a distance. It’s full screen design makes the notifications pop, and all of it’s animations are fully interruptible, making your Lock Screen immediately accessible when the device is raised or tapped. These notifications are shown on on a dark, blurred background.


Beyond campaign

Nimbus ran a billboard campaign for the phone a few weeks before its release.

  • No More Broken Cords
  • No More Shards: This ad features two frames: The first one featuring a person (with only their leg in frame) stomping the phone. The second frame features the phone with a few scratches, though minor, with an "average phone" which has its screen shattered after the same test. There is a video version of this ad as well. 
  • No More Abrupt Shutdowns

Made By You campaign

Nimbus Electronics and advertising agency S&K/Banne, fresh off the success of their Unlocked campaign for Laserium Neptune, made several ads, targeting certain demographics.

  • Made By The Music Lovers: The ad features a person listening to a song and dancing, culminating into a crowd dance scene.
  • Made By The Developers: TBA
  • Made By The Angry Ones: The ad features people raging and throwing their phones at walls and streets, with the ending consisting out of the photos of results that came from filming the scenes, that being minor scratches.
  • Made By The Strong Spirited: The ad goes into the lives of the disabled and how using Jupiter made their lives easier.
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