Kryptid (stylized as KRYptid; pronounced, cryptid) is an Ireland based virtual band and animated persona created by Japanese-born record producer and disc jockey, Akio Eiji in 2009. The animated group is focuses mostly on electronic music like The Chemical Brothers, Boards of Canada, Fatboy Slim, and other disc jockeys and electronic groups.


  • Liam "Yulee" West: A former human that was mutated into a Urayuli after an accident when he was 11, he is known to be the fictional lead member of the group.
  • Nessa "Nessie" Walsh: A former human that was mutated into a Mapinguari around the same time as Liam and Patrick, she is also Liam's wife.
  • Patrick Walsh: A former human that was mutated into a Hodag during Liam and Nessa's mutation, she's also Nessa's, "one-year younger" brother, he's rather clumsy and stupid at some times and is known to be homosexual.
  • Roisin McCarthy: A Hakawai who is known to be a pervert and Liam's ex-girlfriend, she is shown rarely in the band's music videos, although she isn't part of the band.


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