Kryptid (stylized as KRYptid; pronounced, cryptid) is an Ireland based virtual band and animated persona created by Japanese-born Akio Eiji in 2009. The animated group is focuses mostly on electronic music like The Chemical Brothers, Boards of Canada, Fatboy Slim, and other disc jockeys and electronic groups.


  • Liam "Yulee" West: A former human that was mutated into a Urayuli after an accident when he was 11, he is known to be the fictional lead member of the group.
  • Nessa "Nessie" Walsh: A former human that was mutated into a Mapinguari around the same time as Liam and Patrick, she is also Liam's wife.
  • Patrick Walsh: A former human that was mutated into a Hodag during Liam and Nessa's mutation, she's also Nessa's, "one-year younger" brother, he's rather clumsy and stupid at some times and is known to be homosexual.
  • Roisin McCarthy: A Hakawai who is known to be a pervert and Liam's ex-girlfriend, she is shown rarely in the band's music videos, although she isn't part of the band.


Studio albums

  • KRYptid (2009)
  • Les Monster Majors à Paris (2010; France only)
  • Big, Big, Deep Beat (2011)
  • Knacks For Music (2013)
  • WhatChaoWeDo? (2015)
  • Untitled 6th Album (2018)
  • UZI VER ZON (2019)
  • NIC OHT INE (2020; upcoming)

Collaboration albums

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