Kadersaryina, officially known as the Third Republic of Kadersaryina is a country located in North America.


Historical affiliations Period
Saryinan Islander Chiefdoms 4500 BC-1757 AD
Colony of the Saryinans 1690-1808
French protectorate of the Colony of the Saryinans 1808-1815
Colony of the Saryinans 1815-1940
Flag of Kadersaryina (1940-1945) Kadersaryinan Nationalist State 1940-1945
Flag of Kadersaryina (1945-1950) Dutch Protectorate of Kadersaryina 1945-1950
Flag of Kadersaryina (1950-1956) First Republic of Kadersaryina 1950-1956
Flag of Kadersaryina (1956-1969) Second Republic of Kadersaryina 1956-1969
Flag of the United Kadersaryinan Federation United Kadersaryinan Federation 1969-1991
Flag of Kadersaryina Kadersaryina 1991-present


In 10000 BC, there are 100 smaller tribes and 50 bigger tribes that controls the majority of Kadersaryina. These tribes at the time only controlled the Island of Saryina.


In 4500 BC, the first Chiefdoms on the Island of Saryina had been established.

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