Kadsreius Shintoism (カドレイウス神道 Kadoreiusu Shintō) is a variation of Shintoism that was originated in El Kadsre.

List of differences

While elements from Shinto and Christianity are present in the branch, the list below states the differences between Shinto, Kadsreius Shintoism, and Christianity.

Shintoism Kadsreius Shintoism Christianity
Shintoists worship kami. Kadsreius Shintoists worship multiple gods (a la the Hindu deities) in addition to Kami. Christians believe in God.
Shrine maidens wear red hakama. Kadsreist shrine maidens are sometimes called shrine ladies by certain English speaking Kadsreists, but it's more polite to use the term shrine maiden. Shrine maidens also wear lighter red hakama instead. N/A
N/A It is forbidden to speak of and/or predict the end of times in Kadsreius Shintoism. The end of times, the Second Coming, and the Rapture are occasional themes in the Bible, the Christian religious book.
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