Kadsresatsu (/ˈkædzreɪˌsɔtːsu/; Japanese: 角スレ札, Hepburn: Sumi sure-satsu) is a form of tokusatsu that is produced in El Kadsre. It is a portmanteau of the words (El) Kadsre and tokusatsu.

Kadsresatsu traces back to the 1950s and at the time, kadsresatsu was a form of science fiction, supernatural, fantasy and psychological horror that was produced in El Kadsre in which they were inspired by The Twilight Zone. When Japanese tokusatsu shows started airing in El Kadsre in the late 1960s, kadsresatsu shows that involve superheroes began in emerge in that period.

Some notable examples of kadsresatsu are Technic Heroes, Neo and Blitzivan.

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