'KagaTsuka Software' (Japanese: カガ☆ツカソフトウェアー; Hepburn: 'Kaga Tsuka Sofutoueā') was an El Kadsreian game studio that did the localizations of Namco arcade games. It is named after the Drillimation characters of Kagami Hiiragi and Tsukasa Hiiragi, but the brand name was taken down in 1990 following a trademark infringement lawsuit by Drillimation.


The company was originally founded in 1978.


Main Article: Drillimation Studios v. KagaTsuka Software

In 1990, Drillimation Studios filed litigation against KagaTsuka Software for trademark infringement, citing the unauthorized use of the Kagami Hiiragi and Tsukasa Hiiragi character trademarks.

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