'Kagami and Yumi's Good Will to Gensokyo' (Japanese: カガミとユミの幻想郷への善意; Hepburn: 'Kagami to Yumi no Gensōkyō e no Zen'i') is a 1999 Anime Atrocities short film directed by Susumu Takajima and was released on VidSpace on December 17, 1999. It is loosely based off of the 1939 MGM cartoon Peace on Earth, but with Drillimation characters as the norm. Takajima created this short to honor the 60th anniversary of the release of the original. The film is set three days after the events of the 2002 Rockton Attacks.


On Christmas Eve, Kagami and Yumi Ochiai ask their grandfather Shigeru Ochiai (voiced by Susumu Takajima) about the line "Goodwill to Gensokyo." Shigeru then proceeds to explain the history of the never-ending wars between the humanoids and youkai. Eventually, the war does end, but with almost all youkai-borns downed. Eventually, one of the survivors discovers a copy of the Azuma Kagami. Inspired by its teachings, they decide to rebuild Gensokyo's humanoid population with a society dedicated to peace and non-violence. The short also features a parody of Hark! Herald the Angels Sing.

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