Kanal 5 is a televsion channel owned by Yashistan Broadcasting Corporation since 2000 and launched in 1990 as the first TV channel in Yashistan.


Wendi Jianyu founded Primacast Group and received the approval of import television sets from Argentina. Because of lack of television broadcasting equipment needed to launch TV channel in Yashistan, Jianyu branched to radio broadcasting instead.

Tycho Veenstra, tried to apply for import television sets from the United States, but was denied. He later purchased stocks from Primacast Group.

Annabel Pical, also tried to apply for import television sets from Japan and also denied. Pical later lanuched Japanese-language TV channel TV8 in 1991.

Primacast Group has been helped with El TV Kadsre Television Network to launch TV channel in Yashistan.

It was launched in 1990 as the first TV channel in Yashistan and has originally owned by Primacast Group. The monopoly in Yashistanese television was broken after one year when Japanese-language TV channel TV8 was lanuched.

In 1995, Kanal 5 became the first Yashistanese TV channel to have an official web site.

In 2000, the Government of Yashistan nationalized the TV channel along with Japanese-language TV channel TV8 and six radio stations in Yashistan, in order to create state-owned Yashistan Broadcasting Corporation.

In 2006, Kanal 5 along with Japanese-language counterpart TV8 started live transmissions to the internet. This transmission include all programs produced in the country.

High-definition feed


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