Kate Halsson (born August 2, 1990) is a American voice actress.


Kate was born in Romania and adopted by a American couple from Manchester, New Hampshire at age 3.

As a child, Kate always wondered about her past in Romania, and never managed to find evidence of her biological family until 2012, when she was able to reunite with her biological mother, Luminița Esinencu, who is currently living in Nice, France, and later with her biological sister Lynnette Thompson in 2015.

Kate also showed artistic talents during her childhood, and became a voice actress in 2002 at Gotaku's Boston City Sound Studios.

Personal Life

In 2015, she reunited with her biological sister Lynnette Thompson, a radio DJ, who was adopted by a family from Australia. Lynnette showed interest in following her sister's career in a interview afterwards and began training at Gotaku's voice actor school in Gardner, Massachusetts known as the Gotaku Power Station in mid-2016, and Lynnette debuted at Boston City Sound Studios in 2017.

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