Katie Jane (リトル猫ガールケイティ Ritoru neko gāru keiti; Little Catgirl Katie) is an children's anime series produced by Oriental Light & Magic and Asatsu-DK, based off the manga created by Manaka Kibayashi and serialized in Bessatsu Margaret magazine. It was aired by JAITS stations from June 5, 1998 to April 2, 1999 with the station of origin being Tokyo MX. The English version was produced in 2003 at the Los Angeles, California-based Baryvision Sound Studios for the Athol, Massachusetts-based Richale Family Entertainment. The English version was produced in association with children's education experts from the New England area and meet the FCC's E/I requirements. American Public Television distributed the series on television in the United States while Bandai America and Learning Curve produced merchandise.


  • Katie - A catgirl discovered by a group of three friends who live in a small town. She is voiced by LiLiCo in Japanese and Maile Flanagan in English.




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