Kato Ito (加藤伊藤 Katō Itō; born Takato Isosaki (磯崎高戸 Isozaki Takato); November 29, 1920-January 30, 2003) was an El Kadsreian politician who served as the vice president of El Kadsre from 1950 to 1958 and East El Kadsre from 1958 to 1968. Ito was the one of the closest friends to Hiroshi Kayos.

Ito outlived in the invasion of East El Kadsre and spent his time in West El Kadsre in disguise. After he was captured in Christmas Eve of 1968, he was exiled to Japan, where he spent the rest of his life there until he died of liver failure in 2003.


Ito was born as Takato Isosaki in Makohiro to his Japanese parents in 1920.

In 1938, he joined the Sentanese Army.

Personal life

Ito was a heavy drinker, and he was known by El Kadsreians as "the greatest drinker in El Kadsreian history". He suffered from alcohol poisoning since his childhood and in one point, during the victory party in 1950, he almost died of extreme dose of alcohol and he went on the severe hangover as the result.

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