Katralabashu (Katrali: कट्रालाबाशू), sometimes called Katrala Republic (Katrali: कट्राला गणात; Katrala Ganat) is a country in Asia bordered by the Tamil Nadu state (India) and located north of Sri Lanka. Katralabashu is similar to India, but is more richer and more developed. It is located on the Katrala Peninsula in South Asia.



The country has 10 states, Kattamji, Vangalu Kawaak, Gajaan, Tabluyuu, Javee, Puarbu Puducherryu, Tamilyu, Marathi Laagatu, Rammu and Dukshaanu Katralabashu. Being Javee the largest state and Puarbu Puducherryu the smallest. The capital city, Katjili, is located at the Vangalu Kawaak state.


Television Networks are KBC, KCN, Marathi Network etc. Radio networks are KBC Radio, Surya FM, Masala Radio etc. Film companies are Jaan Films, Giga Movies, KatralaFilm Distribution Ltd. etc.

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