The Republic of Kawa (Spanish: La República de Kawa), also known simply as Kawa, is an island country located in the North America, close to Canada in the east side and Ivalice. Canada, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, United States, and Greenland are Kawa's neighboring countries. The official languages are English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The regional languages are Italian, French, Chinese, Polish, German, Japanese, and Korean.

The capital and largest city of the country is, Cupp City, has about 12.3 million residents, with the country's population in total, 96 million residents.


Prehistory: 1276-1894

For so many millions of years, Kawa was once inhabitable until the year 1276, the country was discovered by the Spanish and Portuguese tribes while travelling through the Labrador Sea.

French colonization: 1894-1920

In 1894, the country was colonized by French settlers, as well as it's islands. In 1905, the French Kawa Republic was established as a joint venture of France and Kawa. The first official war in Kawa occurred December 1919 and ended in March 1920.

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